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CrossFit Maxon

We had used one of the leading systems before. We felt it wasn't the best but it was the only option at the time. We looked for a better alternative for a long time - then one beautiful day we learned about BoxMate and never looked back! It's cool & easy to operate thanks to it's clear & intuitive interface. BoxMate incorporates all the features a modern athlete requires. Highly recommended for any box and athlete!

Lukasz Majewski - CrossFit Maxon
Graft CrossFit

"I looked into a few systems for tracking workouts and progress. Some, in my eyes, are over complicated for your standard box member. BoxMate, however, is extremely easy to use, easy on the eyes and really easy to see progress. The team are quick to act on any feedback or technical issues. I can't recommend this software enough to other box owners.

Richard Hornsey - Graft
The Unit

Absolutely love everything about BoxMate - the interface, easy use and just how well it fits in with my gym and our members. I like the easy access to the programming and the integration with TeamUp for class bookings.

Paige Boland - The Unit
CrossFit Uckfield

Love the fact you are always adding more things and that you listen to your clients for what they want and need

Krish Stevens - CrossFit Uckfield
The Project

"Both coaches and members love BoxMate. The new update with the added CRM system has been great for us"

Elliot Turner - The Project
CrossFit Wyre Forrest

‘The Health dashboard is a great addition. Customer support is always excellent any any issues get sorted very quickly. Messaging is really useful too’.

Phil - CrossFit Wyre Forrest
CrossFit Fuel

‘Very easy to use. The communications are great when members aren’t on social media and it saves me having to message them all separately’

Lauren Rocket - CrossFit Fuel
Built By Novo CrossFit

"I just want to say that your app is amazing. We love the new update and I really appreciate how quickly you come back on enquiries. Your customer service is so good".

Dan Foreman - Built By Novo CrossFit
3G Fitness

"I have to say it's a hugely impressive system you guys have built. Very happy to be on board with you"

Darren O' Brien - 3G Fitness
Peak Fitness

"Thanks for all you guys do and your continued high level of customer service. A company that cares about their invention the way we care about our gyms and our communities."

Kyle Russell - Peak Fitness CrossFit
CrossFit Panic

"Big Fan of the update. Simple but useful tools like being able to direct message our members is great"

Lewis Wardle - CrossFit Panic
CrossFit Central Staffs

"Just wanted to say how good the competitions feature is. It made running the comp super easy for me & it looks really smart as well."

Beth Giles - CrossFit Central Staffs & Eccleshall CrossFit
Krish Stevens

"You guys are so great! Thank you! I LOVE BoxMate! I had a call from someone trying to sell me some other software today and I just cut them off mid -sentence - save your breath. You can't beat BoxMate!"

Krish Stevens - CrossFit Uckfield
CrossFit Buxton

BoxMate is a superb platform that has drastically increased member interaction at CrossFit Buxton. A simple, easy-to-use interface has improved members interest in personal performance and health, resulting in individual member activity levels to increase which has offered a valuable return in member retention. Quick to input programming, update timetables, check class bookings and review members motivation levels has proven that such a tool is no longer a nonentity, but a necessity for all boxes, big, small, old or new.

Adam Walker - CrossFit Buxton
CrossFit Fixus

“I love the new CRM. I was doing this all manually before so this is great. I prefer the new layout too and engagement with members is great”.

Liz Steele - CrossFit Fixus
CrossFit Fareham

“I was really excited to implement BoxMate into our gym. The idea of having all our members scores and stats on one accessible format was welcoming. As expected the members fell in love with BoxMate. In the first week I witnessed a huge uptake from members, both regulars and those less engaged. Scores and pb's were (and still are) flying around left, right and centre. Then the online leaderboard landed. Wow! High fives galore! I love seeing the interaction between members online and we've even started anouncing "most high fived member of the week" on social media! Programming on BoxMate couldn't be easier and the my programming section is a nice touch for open gym work. Booking classes through BoxMate also makes our members lives even easier than before. I couldn't recommend Danny and BoxMate enough!

Matt Beard - CrossFit Fareham
Industry 13

“Really appreciate the support you give to us through BoxMate...really is second to none!

James Carberry - Industry 13
Infinity Fit

The health dashboard is visually great and gives a good breakdown of our financials in one place. We love the programming features and the RPE. It makes communications between our coaches and members easier!

Warren Nightingale - Infinity Fit

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