Simple But Powerful Integration For All Users


A single app for users to log scores, track their progress, celebrate personal records, interact with others and book and manage their TeamUp class bookings. Simple and easy.

For Coaches

BoxMate pulls in all your daily TeamUp classes and attendances right into the dashboard and the Live TV Screen as well as providing attendance insights/overview for members.

BoxMate + TeamUp

The Perfect Combined Solution

Join over 60 UK gyms who believe in our combined solution and over 7000 members who have booked upwards of 250,000 classes through our integration

One App

A single place to go for the member to do everything associated with training.

Classes & Programming

Book and cancel classes right under where you look at the gym programming.

Training Insights

BoxMate analyses members activity including the data pulled from TeamUp.

Coaching Classes

Use BoxMate Live for access to classes and attendances on the big screen.

Getting Started

If you already have a TeamUp account getting started with BoxMate + TeamUp is this easy.

  1. 1
    Register for BoxMate

    Click here to register for your 30 day free trial with our platform

  2. 2
    Connect TeamUp

    Inside BoxMate go to the integrations page and follow the steps to connect TeamUp

  3. 3
    That's It. Ready to go!

    Now the connection is complete any members that register using their TeamUp account are automatically connected and can book using the app immediately!

BoxMate with TeamUp was a no brainer, it allowed us to give our members a single place to do everything! Interact with each other, log WODs and book their TeamUp classes with ease.

Craig Williamson CW1 CrossFit

Need more info? Head over to TeamUp to see exactly what their amazing system can do.