Belt Tracking & Promotions

Keep on top of when your members are close to promotion by viewing training data, attendances and previously made private notes. Award promotions directly through BoxMate to notify the member in the app with a rewarding popup plus an activity feed item that others can give high fives and comments on publicly! It's those little hits od dopamine that keep people engaged and in the zone.

Programming in BoxMate

Direct Communications

Our wide range of communication tools includes direct messaging, blog style news posts, push notifications and more. No more worrying that a social post has been missed, or a WhatsApp group has been muted. Engage and retain your members by fully integrating them into your gym community with information that will get read.

Communication Tools

Buisness Tools

Your CRM system will mean you never lose a lead again. Automatically move potential customers through your lead funnel until they becoming fully fledged members of your gym where you can keep an eye on them and make sure they're getting the attention they need. Dig into your key business metrics through your Business Health Dashboard to help you make those important business decisions.

Buisness Tools

Community Engagement

We help you deliver a better service to your members, retaining them as lifelong customers by making training fun. Members can send high fives and comments, customise their belt and Gi, earn badges for their achievements and much more.

Gym Feed

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Coaches Area - Built For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Facilities

Session Building, Communications & More

Stealth BJJ
Flexible Session Building

Set daily and Weekly Focus tasks for members.

Say It With A Nudge

Send push notifications with short messages/updates to all members, fast.

News Feed

Publish full, blog style news posts capturing anyone not on socials.


Keep track of new leads, book intros, make notes on customer journeys and more!

Videos & Media

Enhance the experience with videos in your sessions, movements and news.

Business Health

Dig into your Business Health Metrics with simple and clear reports.


Award badges to members to motivate, keep track of belts and levels easily.

No Cherry Pickers!

Use our safe display time feature to unhide sessions at a time and day that works for your gym.

Private Members, No Worries

Members can keep their profiles hidden and just for themselves and their coaches to see.

The Members App

One app to view and log your daily sessions including rounds/submissions/taps in a digital logbook, as well as track personal goals, interact with the community, recieve news and updates from coaches and book classes (class booking requires TeamUp).

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Built To Be Simple

We know that people of all ages and technical abilities train in Jiu Jitsu, that's why we built the app to be clear and simple to use.

"I love that it has all my previous sessions including drills we have done, submissions I got and the class bookings too"

Member Communications

Session Tracking & Data

BoxMate for Jiu Jitsu is brand new and we are constantly improving the offering.

After each class members can log a "Session" with notes, how many rounds they did (if they like) with the duration which accumulates to an overall mat time. As well as this, submission and tap numbers can be tracked along with what those were so eventually we can improve and show individuals their strengths and weakknessed through what they manage to submit with and to.

live coaching

Integration With TeamUp

We integrate seamlessly with TeamUp to provide members of BoxMate + TeamUp gyms a single app to view programming, book classes, recieve communications from coaches and interact with the community.

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Added Functionality

With TeamUp, the members app will auto unlock hidden sessions straight after they train to log and view other scores plus send logging reminders.

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Logging and Booking
Custom Branding

Go Further With PLUS

Our premium tier brings a whole host of additional features you can use to take your BoxMate to the next level.

Custom brand your members app

PT your clients with individual programming

Create session blocks for repeat programming

Sell courses/workshops with session packs

Run in house competitions with overall leaderboards

Schedule communications to members

Create member groups and dynamic criteria based audiences

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