Gym Programming

Follow & Log Daily

Tracking your performance is vital for your progression in training and is the ultimate way to see how far you have come and keep pushing yourself to achieve further.

In the app, your coaches will upload your daily programming which depending on your gym will be visible up front or after you’ve trained. We know you will have a million and one things to do every day but logging your score doesn’t need to feel like a chore or take forever. With BoxMate, logging is a super simple process and if your gym also uses TeamUp the second you open the app after class we will know you have trained and prompt you to log with a single tap. Not only that, but every time you PB or log a first score for a workout or exercise your screen will be showered with confetti to help keep you motivated which can then be shared on social media for your friends to see your progress.

We’re fully focused on helping you get the most out of your training and logging and tracking is the best way to keep moving forward and making those small improvements.


Only Ever Look Back To See How Far You've Come

We love the home page quick insights and detailed insights page and we think you will too. Here you can see your streak (which is your number of consecutive days online). You can compete with your training buddies or just keep the streak going as a personal challenge!

In your insights you will also be able to view all your historic workout & exercise scores including all of your PBs. If competing is your thing, you can also see your leader board position and filter for how many times you’ve finished in top 5, 3 and 1st within your category to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

High 5s are going to be your holy grail. You will send them out and receive them for a job well done in training. In your insights page you can view all of your high 5s that you have sent and received. You can also compare this month to the month before to see if you need to up your game!


Better Together - A Single Place For Everything

If your gym is already registered with TeamUp, our deep integration means you no longer need to use the TeamUp website for class bookings. All your training needs can be simply done inside the app with a single tap.

Our quick and easy to use timetable swipes left and right to move through programmed sessions for the upcoming week. Found a session you want to book? Scroll down and hit Book Now on the 5PM CrossFit Class and that's it – you’re off to sweat!

The ‘My TeamUp’ page also gives you access to view & manage all of your upcoming classes in a single view along with the classes you’ve and your membership details. Learn more about the integration with TeamUp here.

WOD Logging


As a member you have access to a large library of workouts programmed by your gym along with others from a global regularly updated library. For each workout, you can keep an unlimited log of scores and view both your own and other members’ scores on the workout leaderboard. The app displays your visual progress on a graph along with gym averages for the workout in various categories.

Don’t fancy being on a leaderboard? No worries. For some people their best competition is themselves – simply select private in your settings to keep scores to yourself and coaches.

One of the best bits of training is that buzz you get at the end of a gruelling workout. Our current members love to screen-shot-and-share their confetti screens that they receive after a new workout is logged or an existing score is beaten! You can also easily add a widget with workout details or your MyZone statistics from the workout. (click here to learn about MyZone integration). If you’re logging a partner workout only one of you has to log and you can simply tag your workout buddy. Your partner will be notified and the high 5s and comments will be shared for your hard work!

Exercise Tracking

A PR A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Just like the workout library, the exercise library has a vast number of default exercises and lifts with various rep maxes which you can easily add to and update. These are easily searchable and can be filtered by type in the exercise library to find exactly what you are looking for. You can keep track of every time you test each lift and compare with other members on the leaderboards and obviously be awarded when they you hit a new PR, match a PB or log a first - (Full disclaimer - confetti gets addictive!)

Along with single score recording, you can record and track full working sets/intervals with automatic PR detection to update your baseline scores for anything that hasn't been logged yet. Inside the app we will also show you a breakdown of percentages for your lifts to help you plan your strategy for lifting easily.

The Community

What It's All About

The activity feed is our social hub. It’s where you can get together with your 'box mates' - excuse the pun and laugh about moments in the gym but mainly to show some love when your training partners have put some hard graft into their training and posted that new PB you know they have been waiting for!

Logged scores will be listed as they are entered daily meaning you can easily view each other’s progress and give recognition in the form of a high five or by adding a comment like "Smashed it 💪". or by adding an appropriate GIFs. You can add a status update to the activity feed which people can also interact in the same way with so get ready for some fun outside of the gym too!

Our WodChat feature gives you the ability to tag other members and comment on upcoming sessions. The live comments feed on each session right in the timetable means you and your mates can chat and leave your feelings about the workout throughout the day - or how much you are dreading it.

Part Of The Gym

Join The Community

When you join the gym, you become part gym family. We want to help you feel like a part of the team which is why with BoxMate you can easily interact with other members and your coaches right inside the app.

Nudges totally breaks down the communication barrier between you and your coach. Here your coach can send an instant notification to you to give you personalised tips or to congratulate you on a brilliant session!

A private box news feed inside the app keeps you in the loop with what's going on in the gym and any events that may be coming up.

Search for a members' profile and see their scores (if public) then send them a high five or comment on their results to make them feel motivated.

We also integrate The Throwdown Calendar right into our app so you can easily find your next competition by searching and filtering your desired type 💪🏼

Personal Goals

Raise The Bar On Your Training

With BoxMate you can easily add and track your goals and targets inside the app and keep on top of how close you are to completing and reaching your goals. You can see your active goals on your homepage, see how long you have remaining on open goals and even share your goals on social media.

Your coaches have an area for viewing and analysing your goals too – so no dropping off that target you set yourself! This means, if you're close to your target date for your new Snatch PB goal, your coach can send you a cheeky nudge with a little tip or a motivational comment. Coaches can now also set you goals too! Don't worry - you can decide to decline (but we reckon you'll be inspired to work extra hard to hit that target!).

Over 92% of members in our survey said they would recommend BoxMate and that it is important to them for assisting with training.

What Are Our Members Saying?

Gym members love our app, after a short period of time it becomes vital to their training, see for yourself...


I think the app is amazing tbf, I have fallen in love with crossfit and can see boxmate being one of my most used apps for a long time to come.

Nick Lowe - Member @ CW1 CrossFit

BoxMate makes booking sessions and seeing what is on at my Box so easy and fast. I never tracked my progress before but would definitely recommend it and wouldn't use anything else now to do it.

Kieran Potter - Member @ CrossFit Buxton

It’s so handy for training, for learning and to keep track. Percentages are so useful and fast when working out for wods

Angela Henderson