Frequently Asked Support Questions

Here are the most common support questions we receive, take a look and see if your query is answered here. If not contact us and we will do everything we can to help!

Can i transfer my account to a new gym?

Absolutely - if they also use BoxMate! Simply send us an email from your BoxMate registered email address to support@boxmateapp.co.uk with where you are moving from and to then leave the rest to us. We will transfer your account, all logged data and connect your TeamUp account if necessary.

Can i be a member of multiple gyms?

Unfortunately not - however we do plan to add this in a future update with the ability to have a second gym and be able to switch easily. Keep following social media @boxmateapp for updates!

I can't book classes through TeamUp!

When you registered for BoxMate the app tried to make a connection to your TeamUp account using your name or email address. In some cases this may not be successful and your account needs manually connecting. Contact a coach and ask them to check your connection and reset if necessary.

Can I turn off notifications?

You can indeed - in the app preferences you can individually select what you want to be notified about. Tap the settings icon top right of the home screen to update your profile.

I can't upload my profile image

This is an issue with our previous versions of the app and has now been resolved, try to update again and please let us know if you have any issues!

My gym doesn't use BoxMate, can i still get the app?

Unfortunately not - currently we don't support single users however again, bear with us as this is something that you may see in the not too distant future

Can i build my own workouts?

Of course - go to the timetable and tap the person icon top left, from here you can build your own session with custom workouts. Alternatively from the library tab you can select personal and build something quickly to log a score against.

Can i freeze a members account?

Yes you can - if you go to a members profile and hit actions then suspend member they will have their access to the app temporarily removed and you wont be charged for their account in that billing period.

Can i add a second programme?

Absolutely - go to the Learn section and search for programming to view all videos including 'Adding a new programme'. You can even create a private programme only visible by certain members!

Can i hide our programing?

Worried about 'cherry pickers' - we have you covered. Choose to keep sessions hidden until the morning, the night before or completely until a set time in the evening. Bonus for TeamUp users, once members attend a class we automatically unhide the programming!