Getting With The Times

Coaching is evolving and with that we are seeing more and more gyms switch to coaching from the TV screen. When using BoxMate you have already written up all of the programming and details for today's session.

You no longer need to get to the box early to write it all up again on the whiteboard. With BoxMate live simply flick on the TV, grab the remote then stand back and deliver your session from the screen using a handheld remote to flick through the components.

Live Leaderboard

Everyones PR's - Right There

On the TV screen when flicking through the session components (Workouts & Exercises assigned for today's class), the right side of the screen shows each and every members current personal best for that WOD/Lift/Movement.

This means no running to the phones/log books to see what their current 1RM is for a Hang Squat Clean or what their Cindy score is. Everything is there on the screen right in front of the class to quickly take a look. Get ready for your sessions to run super smooth!

TeamUp Integration

Keeping Things Moving

It's 4:59 and the class is looking a little light... where is everyone? Quick, run to the office, open the laptop and login to TeamUp to see who's attending the 5PM class. We all know there isn't time for that. With BoxMate Live simply hit the TeamUp logo (Or use the keyboard shortcut) to be shown a list of all today's classes with auto display for the next upcoming class attendees. In a split second see who you are waiting for and make a start.

Member Interaction

Tools For Mid Class

The Live screen has a quick access members' section where if you decide to allow them to use it they can use the keyboard and on screen prompts to enter scores for today's workouts/exercises.

Scores are simultaneously saved to the whiteboard/leaderboard on the screen and to the member's phones where they go straight into the activity feed for other members to see and high five! Our percentage calculator lets a member quickly bring up the screen, enter a weight and be shown a full breakdown of all working percentages from 95% down to 55% - this can be extremely handy during strength sections of a session.

Custom Media

Show Your Own Images & Videos

With the introduction of custom media for workouts into the BoxMate programming these carry across to the Live screen perfectly, you can now play videos you have attached to workouts and exercises right at the centre of the class for video demos/technique explanations.

You can use videos you have uploaded yourself to a streaming service (YouTube/Vimeo) or choose videos that already exist on these channels.

Display images and videos in full screen to present to the class along with the programming for an enhanced coaching experience.

Views & Settings

Display It How You Like

New display options let you choose a session view where you can display in full screen all session details, workouts and exercises side by side making running through the session super smooth.

Programme view lets you pull up multiple programmes onto a single screen with all components listed - this is perfect for that morning coach briefing to prepare for the day ahead!

Select Light or Dark mode for the display to fit your gym and also enable auto scrolling leaderboards (Intel Stick PC Only)

See how BoxMate live can transform the way you deliver your sessions.

How Do Coaches Feel Live?

BoxMate Live in the gym saves time and creates a better coaching experience.


It makes briefing programming very simple on the day and is brilliant for our members to quickly search percentages or view previous scores for the WOD.

Shaun Doxey - Co-Owner @ CrossFit Buxton

The live screen is great for myself and our coaches, as you can walk in day to day and see exactly what the session is, from warm up to the workout & any other bits in there. So it really helps them out as well

Stewart Bothamley - Head Coach @ Fit Missions