Live is included with BoxMate at no extra cost and will transform the way you deliver your sessions saving time and improving the member experience in your gym.


Move With The Technology

Coaching is evolving from the traditional whiteboard to the interactive TV screen.

With BoxMate live, simply flick on the TV, grab your remote, then stand back and deliver your session straight from the big screen. Easily scroll through your session components, display live leaderboards, see who's booked onto the session and more.

The live screen is great for myself and our coaches, as you can walk in day to day and see exactly what the session is, from warm up to the workout & any other bits in there. So it really helps them out as well.

Stewart Bothamley
Fit Missions

Leaderboards & Scoreboards

Display Member PRs

Have your screen set up so that your members' PRs are shown against the WOD/ Lift or Movement from today's session.

No more running to phones or log books to see their current 1RM for a Hang Squat Clean or what Cindy score they got last time- everything is there on the screen.

With your range of customisable configuration options you can choose to either show member PRs in a leaderboard style, or you can disable leaderboards to have scores shown in the order they were logged (ideal for less competitive classes). You can also toggle to see all time scores, scores from the whole day, or scores just from the active TeamUp session you are currently coaching.

TeamUp Integration

Keep Things Moving

It's 4:55pm and the 5pm class is looking a little light... where is everyone? Hit the TeamUp logo (or use the 'T' keyboard shortcut) to instantly be shown a list of all today's classes and class attendees.

Mark members as 'attended' or 'no show' on your class register, see who is on the waitlist and manually cancel & book members in and out of the class yourself with a simple click.

Purchase our complete TV kit configured and ready to plug and play into your TV or use another method, learn about options for getting started and the equipment required.

Member Interaction

Tools For Mid Class

Our percentage calculator lets a member quickly bring up the screen, enter a weight and be shown a full breakdown of all working percentages from 95% down to 55% - this can be extremely handy during strength sections of a session.

The handy on screen stop watch can be used as a secondary timer in the gym. Simply tap to start the countdown and place the stopwatch anywhere you want to on the screen!

You can also allow members to enter their scores for today's workouts/exercises themselves via the live screen. Scores are simultaneously saved to the individual member's app!

Custom Media

Showcase Your Own Images & Videos

Play videos you've made to demo techniques and explanations right from the Live Screen & place the video wherever you want on the screen for an optimum viewing experience for your members.

Present demonstrations to the class that you've already prepared for the daily session for an enhanced coaching experience.

Views & Settings

Personalised Displays

Decide what you want to show on the screen and easily have session details with workouts and exercises side by side, making running through the session super smooth.

Want a screen in your welcome or reception area? Standalone mode will auto scroll through the session components of one, or all, of your programmes for the day so members can check out what is coming up in the session while they wait and get ready.

Pull up multiple programmes onto a single screen with all components listed - perfect for that morning coach briefing to prepare for the day ahead! Or, PT straight from the live screen for an individual when logged in as the PT coach.

Select Light or Dark mode for the display to fit your gym and also enable auto scrolling leaderboards (Intel Stick PC Only)

Make it your own

Custom Branding

Keep your whole box on brand with BoxMate PLUS and pull through your brand colours and custom images right onto the live screen, as well as the members' app.

Make your live screen stand out and fit in seamlessly with the style of your gym.

The complete setup

Dual Screen Functionality

This is our recommended setup for the ultimate member experience and is ideal for showing your full screen workout/session details on one screen while having your full screen leaderboard/scoreboard on the other.

The new whiteboard view lets you make your leaderboard or scoreboard full screen - you can set this to auto scroll through scores too so members can check out their competition while getting ready for the session ahead!

Check out our full instructional guide here to learn about all the ways you can configure BoxMate Live so it best fits your coaching style and members requirements.

What Are Coaches Saying About Live?

BoxMate Live in the gym saves time and creates a better coaching experience.


It makes briefing programming very simple on the day and is brilliant for our members to quickly search percentages or view previous scores for the WOD.

Shaun Doxey - Co-Owner @ CrossFit Buxton

The live screen is great for myself and our coaches, as you can walk in day to day and see exactly what the session is, from warm up to the workout & any other bits in there. So it really helps them out as well

Stewart Bothamley - Head Coach @ Fit Missions