Over 92% of members in our survey said they would recommend BoxMate. They told us tracking was fundamental to their training.

Gym Programming

Viewing Programming and Logging Scores

Tracking performance is vital for progression in training and it is the ultimate way to see how far you have come and keep pushing yourself to achieve further.

Your members will be able to see the daily programming you upload right from their homepage. (You can choose to make sessions visible up front or after they've trained). It's easy for members to swipe between sessions and see what's coming up for the week ahead to get themselves in the right mindset and turn up to the box prepared. We know you and your members have busy schedules, so logging scores shouldn't feel like an extra chore. With BoxMate, logging is a simple and fun. If your gym also uses TeamUp your members can turn on prompts to remind them to log once they've trained. Not only that, but every time they PB or log a first score for a workout or exercise their screen will be showered with confetti to help keep them motivated.

Like getting social as a box? So do we! Members can screenshot and share progress on social media for even more love on that latest PR! We’re fully focused on helping you facilitate your members to get the most out of their training. We really believe that logging, tracking and keeping it fun is the best way to keep moving forward. Progress, not perfection.

I love BoxMate - it’s everything I need in one place. I’ve tried other apps and they just didn’t match up.

Wayne Wramsell


Only Ever Look Back To See How Far You've Come

If your members are competitive, they will LOVE being able to view leader board positions and compare scores with others in the box. Members can comment on each other's scores and keep the competition and fun going long after they walk out of the box - meaning more engaged members and higher retention levels.

If competition isn't their thing then let them be their own best competition! Individuals can turn their activity to private and use the app in a personal capacity to view their own progress against previous scores and workouts. They can also make notes on training to help remind them how they scaled or tackled particular workouts. Help your members stay motivated and accountable with BoxMate.

You and your coaches can send out high fives along with the rest of your members to congratulate individuals for their hard work in the gym!


Better Together - A Single Place For Everything

If your gym is already registered with TeamUp, our integration means your members no longer need to use the TeamUp website for class bookings. All their training needs can be met inside the app with a single tap.

Our quick and easy to use timetable swipes left and right to move through programmed sessions for the upcoming week. Once members find the session they want to book they simply scroll down and hit Book Now. They're now on the 5PM CrossFit Class and you can see who is booked in.

Members manage their own ‘My TeamUp’ accounts meaning even less work for you. Learn more about the integration with TeamUp here.

I like that I can set goals and when we do the WODs I can see where I rank and it pushes me to improve.

Fiona Brand
CrossFit IOM

WOD Logging

Workout Library

Your members will have access to a large library of workouts programmed by your gym along with others from our global library which is updated regularly. For each workout, members can keep an unlimited log of scores and view both their own and other members’ scores on the workout leaderboard. No more forgetting what they lifted last time, or what their time was - the app displays visual progress on a graph along with gym averages for the workout in various categories.

Got members who don't fancy being on a leaderboard? No worries. For some people their best competition is themselves – they simply select private in settings to keep scores between themselves and you and your coaches.

One of the best bits of training is that buzz you get at the end of a gruelling workout. Our current members love to screen-shot-and-share their confetti screens that they receive after a new workout is logged or an existing score is beaten! Members can also upload MyZone data too! (click here to learn about MyZone integration). Members can create personal WODs and invite their friends to join them for an open WOD or extra workout at the box.

A PR A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Exercise Tracking

Just like the workout library, the exercise library has a vast number of exercises and lifts. These are easily searchable and can be filtered by type in the exercise library, so members can find exactly what they are looking for. Again, they can keep track of every time they test each lift and compare with other members on the leaderboards.

Along with single score recording, members can record and track full working sets/intervals with automatic PR detection. When you've programmed sets, your members will be shown a breakdown of percentages for their lifts to help them plan their strategy for lifting safely.

The Community

Making Training Fun

The activity feed on the Homepage is the social hub for your members to get together and share the highs and lows of training. Through sending high fives they can show some love to their training partners who have put hard graft in to hit that new PB they have been waiting for!

Members can also update their status' with additional workouts such as outdoor runs which people can also interact in the same way with. This helps to keep your members connected and fully integrate them as part of your box.

Our WodChat feature gives your members the ability to tag others and comment on upcoming sessions to get excited together. We also have dark mode so members can decide how they want to view their app!

BoxMate makes booking sessions and seeing what is on at my Box so easy and fast. I never tracked my progress before but would definitely recommend it and wouldn't use anything else now to do it.

Kieran Potter
CrossFit Buxton


Celebrate Milestones

We all know how good it feels to be recognised when you're going the extra mile, which is why we celebrate your members with special Badges when they hit big milestones at the gym. Members will earn badges for a wide range of accomplishments, from being a long standing member of your gym, to logging scores, sending high fives and more!

You and your coaches can also award special coach badges to those members who deserve extra credit for grafting at the gym, being a solid part of the community or a team player!

PR City is your members go-to place in the app to feel good about all that amazing progress they are making. They can see their all time PRs, how much weight they've added to lifts, time shaved off workouts, reps added and more. They can filter to see PRs from any month and bring up the confetti screen for any achievement to share the love on social too!

Personal Goals

Raise The Bar On Training

With BoxMate, your members can easily add and track their personal goals. You can also set them individual goals which will show up in their app too for them to choose to accept or decline. Members can view active goals on their homepage, see how long they have remaining on open goals and even share their goals on social media once completed.

You have an overview area for viewing and analysing all member goals in your admin area. You can see active goals with details of when the goal is due to be completed to send a cheeky nudge with a little tip or a motivational comment.

Part Of The Gym

Bring Your Community Closer

When your members join your CrossFit box they become part of the family. Naturally, some members take more time than others to feel comfortable. With BoxMate they can get to know names quickly, interact with each other and you can keep a close eye on their progression too and send friendly personal nudges.

Nudges and questions allow you to totally break down any communication barriers. Send instant notifications to your members to give personalised tips or to congratulate a brilliant session and your member will receive a nudge!

A private box news feed inside the app keeps your members in the loop with what's going on in the gym and any events that may be coming up. Any unread news posts will show up on their homepage so you can be sure it won't get missed. Once you send out a question, or multiple questions as part of a survey, your members can send in their answers with a simple tap and feel listened to.

We also integrate The Throwdown Calendar right into our app so you and your members can easily find your next competition. 💪🏼

View our Member Handbook for a detailed look at the Members' app features

What Else Are Our Members Saying?

Gym members love our app, after a short period of time it becomes vital to their training, see for yourself...


I think the app is amazing tbf, I have fallen in love with crossfit and can see boxmate being one of my most used apps for a long time to come.

Nick Lowe - Member @ CW1 CrossFit

BoxMate has definitely made me a lot more ambitious within my training, it makes me strive for more.

Claire Gregory - Member @ Fit Missions

It’s so handy for training, for learning and to keep track. Percentages are so useful and fast when working out for wods

Angela Henderson