100% of coaches in a recent survey said they would recommend BoxMate.


Powerful Yet Super Simple

Your session builder has been built with simplicity in mind. Programming in BoxMate is quick and effective, you can prepare a full weeks' worth of sessions in one go with Week View, use the Quick WOD feature to build a WOD in minutes and your full session builder gives you all the tools you need to create detailed sessions too. Programming sets with a percentage increase for the target exercise? BoxMate will automatically calculate working weights for your members so they can challenge themselves safely. You can add workouts & exercises easily from the extensive library, or build your own new components.

Choose to set your sessions as visible before the session, on the day, or at a specific time to suit your gym. Once you've finished programming hit 'announce' to send a notification to all members to get them excited about the week ahead.


Integrate & Engage

Your coaches’ dashboard lets you keep a close eye on everything going on in your box. Here you’ll find an overview of today’s classes and who is attending (if they’re linked with a TeamUp account). You can interact seamlessly with your members through setting them personal goals, sending them nudges, writing comments and giving out high fives on the live timeline of activity.

Dive into statistics to see how your gym is growing. Congratulate members when you see exactly how many PBs have been achieved, classes booked, and scores logged that week. With your interaction tools never worry about en email going unread or a social post getting missed again.

We can’t remember life before BoxMate. Couldn’t recommend this cool app highly enough. If you’re thinking about how you can set your box above others around, I wouldn’t think twice about investing in this brilliant piece of technology!

Matt Thompson
Reebok CrossFit Stockport

Programme Analysis

Review & Improve

Tag your workouts with CrossFit Level 2 style data such as Modality, Load, Scheme, Time, Reps, Origin and Priority. This allows you to visualise data and statistics for your sessions and start to break down and identify areas of your programming that may need tweaking so you can deliver the best possible experience in training.

With our score reviewing feature you can dig deeper into each workout and exercise. Jump on yesterday’s session and filter by score, date or member to see how the session has gone. The members comments feature on sessions means you can pick up some feedback on how the session went so you know what to take on-board for next time.

Member Engagement

Interact & Inspire

BoxMate will become your gym CRM system to help you manage relationships and communication with your members. The Nudges Feature breaks down the communication barrier and with a simple tap, send an instant notification to all members or an individual. Choose from pre-filled nudges or personalise your messages. For example - 'Well done guys, big test week complete and you all smashed it. Can't wait for Monday already! 🔥' or, if an individual has been dropping off you can send them a little motivation - 'Hey, where have you been? Let's have a big week and smash some goals 💪🏼'.

The Question Feature allows you to send a poll to all members. Review their answers in a simple graph to help you make informed decisions with your members valued opinions. Let us set the scene: “Team, we are planning the next comp, what do you want? Individual, Same Sex Paired or Mixed Pairs". Make your members feel heard in the big decisions in your box. You can do all of this straight from your mobile phone too with our Coaches' Corner.

We switched from BTWB to SugarWod and now to BoxMate and we’re happy with our progression… The news thing is SO good for those who don’t do social or read emails. You get to capture their attention while they’re booking classes - it’s perfect

Matt Southam
Full Range Fitness

Box News

Your Private News Feed

In your news feed you have access to powerful insight and retargeting tools to give you an effective box management system. Posts include a ‘call to action’ field where you can add an external link to send your members where you want them to go. Do you want to show them a particular video? Get them to read a certain post? Know where to find tickets? The link is highlighted in the app with a large action button and you can track how many times it’s been clicked and who has followed it.

Our re-targeting tool means you can track who has opened/clicked messages & re-target just those members who haven’t to give them a gentle nudge when necessary!

In your private feed you can also review member reactions. Members can react to news posts using a simple single tap on an emoji to provide feedback on each post (😁 😐 ☹️) along with comments/GIFs/tags. This data is collated for your easy viewing, allowing you to analyse and improve your content next time. You can do all of this straight from your mobile phone too with our Coaches' Corner.

Member Goals & Spotlight

Help Members Achieve

You can set goals for your members and they can also set their own personal goals. You can easily filter to see active goals, completed goals and goals that are expiring soon! Notice a member with a goal expiring soon? Send them a nudge to give them that extra bit of motivation. You can use the pre-filled template, or totally personalise with a workout tip to help them get there. Once they hit their goal they'll be rewarded with confetti making them feel amazing.

Member Spotlight will help you show your members that you see and recognise their hard work! You can put a member in the spotlight as your Member of the Month with a picture and write up and then celebrate their efforts with your other members!


Configured Exactly How You Want It

We understand and appreciate that some gyms run things a little differently, that's why we are constantly adding options and settings to give you the power to customise BoxMate exactly how you need it.

We’ve developed unique programming visibility settings so that you can choose to display programming in advance, on the day, the night before, week by week or when the member attends a TeamUp class. We know not every box is super competitive, so we give you the option to disable RX/RX Plus scoring and have your score board order members by the time they logged the score, rather than by their place on the leaderboard if you want to. Every individual also has the option to keep their profile totally private if they prefer to keep a personal training log.

For our boxes with multiple locations and gyms you have the ability to filter all your information on members and programming at either box location. This means that your members can filter not to see names they don’t recognise from a gym they don’t train at. TeamUp gyms, you can now filter what classes are displayed inside BoxMate too.

Member Check In

Individual Member Check-in

You'll have an overview of all individual members' activity. So, for any member you can see full insights into their activity from their goals, attendance stats, progress, and how much they engage within the community. This is an effective retention tool for when a member may be lacking motivation or questioning whether they're making any good progress. You can look at their activity with them and show them the data of how far they've come since they started.

Inside the coaches' area you can run reports on various areas of activity such as attendance (TeamUp gyms), member logging and member community engagement. You can choose a 'Member at Random' from a custom list too if you need to be able to select a member at random for a competition prize or something similar.

Custom Media

Personalise The BoxMate Experience

Our Custom Media feature allows you to upload your own images and videos for movements. This is a great little feature if you want your members to see a familiar face, such as a coach, showing them how to do the movement. You can also add links to your own Instagram videos, youtube videos or vimeo if you want members to see a short clip of how to perfect the move.

The media manager allows you to manage everything you’ve uploaded easily. To save you time, you can ‘auto-assign’ an image to a movement. This means you can add an image for 'Snatch' and assign it to all snatch exercises or all workouts with a snatch in. You can also upload images straight from the Coaches' Corner on your mobile phone.

BoxMate Live

The Big Screen In The Box

Coaching is evolving and with that we are seeing more and more gyms switch to coaching from the TV screen. When using BoxMate you have already written up all of the programming and details for today's session.

On the TV screen when flicking through the session components (Workouts & Exercises assigned for today's class), the right side of the screen shows each and every members current personal best for that WOD/Lift/Movement.

Challenges & Achievements

Motivate & Engage Your Members

Our Challenges Feature is designed to help you build custom challenges to keep your members accountable. Whether this is a 6 week nutrition challenge where you'll be providing a daily meal plan & want members to check off the day as complete, or whether you're running a 50 mile running challenge throughout the month and want members to input the miles they've managed - we've got you covered!

Celebrate with your members by checking in on their best achievements in PR City, and send out special coach badges to keep your members feeling seen and appreciated for going the extra mile as a member!

How Do Our Coaches Feel?

Most coaches we speak to couldn't imagine their life now without BoxMate. Click here to see all reviews.

Luke Andrew - Owner @ CrossFit Tewksbury

The reports are super useful, they help massively when reviewing programming, saves so much time.

Luke Andrew - Owner @ CrossFit Tewksbury
Levi Wilson - Coach @ CrossFit Whitchurch

Keep up the good work, you provide a great service and your drive to improve it doesn’t go unnoticed, well done

Levi Wilson - Coach @ CrossFit Whitchurch
Jack Fleckney - Owner @ ShireFit

I have been really impressed with the recent upgrade. We have 2 locations which could grow to 4 over the next year so I am constantly thinking about how we can use the app effectively.

Jack Fleckney - Owner @ ShireFit