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Personal Training

PT Made Easy

Access a brand new suite of personal training features in the PT dashboard. Programme quickly and easily with the session builder you already know and chat privately back and forth with clients to coach them, notify them about upcoming sessions to help them prepare, and more.

Send motivational messages and nudges to keep clients on track in-between sessions and view scores and review feedback on how they feel sessions are going to tweak and plan your programming to best help them achieve their goals. Monitor individual client progress closely with your range of analytical tools and access all score data to help you build challenging sessions.

Build session blocks you want to repeat for individual clients and apply to members with a single click. Whether this is a strength cycles or an introduction cycle, write it up once and use it again and again.


In House Competitions (Online or Live)

Run your own seamless CrossFit competitions without outside providers.

Hosting a live comp at the box for your members? With BoxMate PLUS you can do it all in one place. Quickly enter scores for athletes post workout and display live leaderboards with scrolling real time data on the big screen at the box. Notify athletes when the scores are in and the updated leaderboards are live.

Running a competition or fitness league online? Members can register and select their category in the app, enter their own scores and attach videos (if required for score review) keeping everything in one place for you. Easily monitor your leaderboards and approve incoming scores with the live in-app leaderboards throughout the competition and keep people up to date with notifications without any hassle.

Place your competitors (individuals or teams) into Squads and let them work together as a team throughout the comp for an extra level of fun!

We can’t remember life before BoxMate. Couldn’t recommend this cool app highly enough. If you’re thinking about how you can set your box above others around, I wouldn’t think twice about investing in this brilliant piece of technology!

Matt Thompson
Reebok CrossFit Stockport

Custom Branding

Take Control of Personalisation

Bringing you the perfect white-label solution.

Personalise BoxMate to have your own custom brand colours displayed for your members both inside the app and on the big screen in the box!

Combine app styling with your own workout and exercise images and videos to make BoxMate feel like an app developed just for your gym!


Let BoxMate Take Care of Your Admin Tasks


You’ll now have the option to schedule all features such as Nudges, Box News and Questions to go out to your members at specific times. Bulk schedule all admin and then relax knowing everything is taken care of. Just leave it to BoxMate to send out messages to members at the times you want them to go.

We switched from BTWB to SugarWod and now to BoxMate and we’re happy with our progression… The news thing is SO good for those who don’t do social or read emails. You get to capture their attention while they’re booking classes - it’s perfect

Matt Southam
Full Range Fitness

Audiences and Groups

Target Specific Groups of Members

Audiences Build specific audiences within the app to tailor the information you want to send out. Want to send a motivational message to members who haven’t logged a score in the past week to make sure they're staying motivated? Set that as an audience requirement and only target those members who are falling off training.

Groups Streamline your communication and build specific groups to tailor the information you want to send out. Do you have a weekend running club? A group of early birds who always hit up the 6am session? A group of new mums coming back into training postpartum? Add those members into a BoxMate Group and communicate specifically to their needs by sending out nudges, box news and questions with information tailored to them.

COMING 2022 - Foundations

Write Once, Deliver Again and Again

Run your foundation courses with ease.

Once you’ve written them up once inside the app you can attach all information including videos and tutorials for new starters and then add new members as ‘foundation members’. While they are in the foundation stage they will have access only to the foundation suite of information you’d like them to see.

Pull up the session details and workout videos on the big TV screen while you coach your foundation classes. This way, you have your entire bank of resources to dip into right at your fingertips exactly when you need them.

COMING 2022 - Coach Rotas

Organise Your Coaching Schedule

Enable your Head Coach to input information about who is coaching what and when throughout the week.

Keep your members and coaching team in the know about who is coaching when to empower them to better plan and prepare for upcoming sessions. Facilitate interaction between your coaching team and simplify the process of requesting cover and swapping shifts.

COMING 2022 - Coach Task Manager

Tick off Your To Do List as a Team

Manage your gym effortlessly with a clear overview of tasks. Create daily to-do-lists and tasks for you and your staff to perform and mark those as complete once they’re done.

For example, set ‘Clean down all Ergs’ and 'refill chalk' as repeating daily tasks for your morning coaching staff and once done it can be marked as complete. Set weekly and monthly tasks for those jobs that don't need to be done as often and assign one off jobs to specific members of the team to keep the box ruuning efficiently and smoothly.

BoxMate Standard

£0.75 Per Member Monthly

BoxMate PLUS 2

Additional £29 Monthly

BoxMate PLUS 5

Additional £49 Monthly
Programming Programming Programming
Analysis Analysis Analysis
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Nudges Nudges Nudges
Questions Questions Questions
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Personal Goals Personal Goals Personal Goals
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News News News
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Custom App Styling * Custom App Styling *
Competitions * Competitions *
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Scheduling * Scheduling *
Try For Free (Opens BoxMate) Try For Free (Opens BoxMate)

All prices are plus VAT, click a PLUS feature to learn more. Try PLUS for free for 30 days by clicking Plus in the sidebar inside the BoxMate admin website and scrolling to the pricing table.

How Do Our Coaches Feel?

Most coaches we speak to couldn't imagine their gym without BoxMate. Click here to see all reviews.

Luke Andrew - Owner @ CrossFit Tewksbury

The reports are super useful, they help massively when reviewing programming, saves so much time.

Luke Andrew - Owner @ CrossFit Tewksbury
Levi Wilson - Coach @ CrossFit Whitchurch

Keep up the good work, you provide a great service and your drive to improve it doesn’t go unnoticed, well done

Levi Wilson - Coach @ CrossFit Whitchurch
Jack Fleckney - Owner @ ShireFit

I have been really impressed with the recent upgrade. We have 2 locations which could grow to 4 over the next year so I am constantly thinking about how we can use the app effectively.

Jack Fleckney - Owner @ ShireFit