Take your box to the next level and uncover a whole new range of client engagement and box management tools. BoxMate PLUS is the ultimate add-on solution for hosting competitions, coaching PT clients, scheduling out your communication and so much more

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The BoxMate Platform

Improving the experience inside and outside of the box

Our app is simple to use and delivers powerful results, helping your box to thrive by bringing the community together. We are passionate about innovating to deliver a better training experience for your members. We help you to engage them inside and outside of the box for optimum retention whilst also making running the gym easy and effective for you.

BoxMate with TeamUp was a no brainer, it allowed us to give our members a single place to do everything! Interact with each other, log WODs and book their TeamUp classes with ease.

Craig Williamson CW1 CrossFit

The Members' App - WOD Tracking & Community

BoxMate app allows your members to easily follow your programming, track their exercises and workouts and enjoy a side of healthy competition. Interacting with others in the gym community increases member motivation and adds a whole lot of fun to training! BoxMate lets your members compete against their own personal bests, and if they want to, others in the gym! Sending out high fives and commenting on each other's scores brings training to life for your members increasing member motivation & retention.

Coaches' Area - Box Building & Retention

Make programming a breeze. Either build your own custom sessions easily or use our extensive workout and exercise libraries to help you create your sessions. With our clear and simple interface you can perform your daily tasks quickly, efficiently and without any hassle. You'll have a one stop place for keeping a close eye on member progression, interacting with your members, building epic programming and monitoring gym growth statistics too.

BoxMate Live - The Digital Whiteboard

Coaching is evolving from the whiteboard to the big screen.

With BoxMate Live you no longer have to write up the warmup, workouts and strength each morning before class. Simply power up your TV and the programming is right there for your members to see along with any skill or movement videos you'd like to show them. Revolutionise the way you teach classes today and improve the experience in the box for your members.

BoxMate + TeamUp - Better Together

For the ultimate all-in-one CrossFit and Functional Fitness Gym Management System we integrate with TeamUp so that you can have the best of both worlds. BoxMate brings you first class programming and workout tracking, and TeamUp handles seamless membership payments and class bookings to help you run your gym efficiently.

Once the simple authorisation is complete, your coaches can see TeamUp classes and member bookings right inside the BoxMate dashboard and also displayed on the BoxMate Live TV screen in the gym.

For members, on registration they are automatically connected to their TeamUp account inside BoxMate and can easily book onto classes with one tap.

New Gym Offer

Don't yet have TeamUp yet? Use the following link to sign up and receive £50.00 TeamUp account credit with BoxMate.

Support Centre

BoxMate Support Centre

Explore the full suite of features and how to use them. We are more than just a WOD logging system. Our support section will help you master all aspects of BoxMate, from programming to question polls, running in-house competitions and much more - view our video tutorials, articles and more!

Support Centre

Support Centre

The BoxMate Blog

Keep in the know with the BoxMate community blog. Get sneak peeks on upcoming feature releases, the latest from the CrossFit news scene, tips and tricks for using the platform and so much more! Got something you want us to cover? Get in touch and let us know what you would like to see! *Full Disclosure* the beer in this pic was earned after 19.5!

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BoxMate Store

The BoxMate Store

Get your hands on the latest BoxMate apparel. We have tees, vests, hoodies and caps to help you hit those PRs in style!

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BoxMate Store

BoxMate Athletes

Meet our incredible athletes who support and represent BoxMate in CrossFit competitions, training at the box and in general day to day life all year round.

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Affordable Pricing

You get all of the above for around 1% of a members' membership payment too!

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For new gyms (Younger than 3 months)
Minimum monthly charge of £25* applies
*Price is +VAT (20%)

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Monthly Add-On - Premium Features

BoxMate PT
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£ 50

Free credit

Get £50 TeamUp credit when you sign up
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Box Reviews

Hear what some of our box coaches have to say about our gym management system. You can check out our reviews section for more feedback from our users.


We visited Fit Missions to meet head coach Stew a year after they brought in BoxMate to see how him and his members have been been getting on.

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Train Manchester

Train Manchester, home of 2013 CrossFit Games champion Samantha Briggs, came to use after trailing another system and are now live with 250+ users. Check out the system setup.

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CrossFit Whitchurch

Owner David said: "I started CrossFit Whitchurch in July 2017 and canvassed a number of Boxes to establish which company they used for programming and tracking performance - BoxMate came out on top every time"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If there is anything we've not covered here please do contact us.

For Support FAQs please click here
How do we pay for BoxMate?

You will be billed monthly using GoCardless. You’ll only be charged for 'Live' members each month, so any members that aren't currently training (suspended members) won’t be charged for in that monthly billing period. Many of our current owners fully absorb the cost of using BoxMate by marginally increasing monthly memberships to align with the new features members have access to for their training needs.

I have more than one box - can I use BoxMate at both?

Yes! Our locations configuration options lets you setup multiple locations. This means you can direct your news/nudges/questions to a specific location. Your members can filter activity between gyms so they can only see people they know in the app.

Is there a contract?

Nope - we don't have a contract. We simply ask that you give us 2 weeks notice before your next billing date to cancel and you can then use this period to let members note down any of their scores they want to keep once they no longer have access.

Does BoxMate offer an all-in-one gym management system?

At BoxMate we are all about the programming and training experience rather than the booking and payment side of managing the gym. We specialise in helping coaches have a seamless programming experience and helping members stay accountable while have fun with their training. We find that other systems which try to ‘do it all’ end up not doing as well in either area. This is why we integrate with the leading gym operations system - TeamUp. You can access all your gym management needs from one place inside BoxMate. That way, our boxes/ gyms get the best of both worlds with specialist systems covering all bases for your gym.

How does the TeamUp integration work?

Very easily - when we setup your account you simply authorise TeamUp once in the application and then you are ready to go. Members register for BoxMate using their TeamUp email address and are automatically connected giving them access to class bookings right inside our apps' timetable.

What is BoxMate Live?

BoxMate Live is the big screen in the box. You no longer need to get to the box early to write it all up again on the whiteboard. With BoxMate live simply flick on the TV, grab the remote then stand back and deliver your session from the screen using a handheld remote to flick through the components. To learn more click here.

How easy is it to get setup?

Very! Start your free trial here. Video tutorials will guide you through the main setup and then you can schedule your one-on-one call to review your programming and get BoxMate rolled out to members.Start your free trial today.