Frequently Asked Support Questions

Got a support question about BoxMate? Take a look here at some of our most common support questions. Still not got the answer you’re after? Get in touch with us!

What is BoxMate?

BoxMate is a performance tracking app. Tracking your performance is vital for your progression in training and is the ultimate way to see how far you have come and keep pushing yourself to achieve further. This means you can record all your workouts and weights inside the app to help you review your performance and challenge yourself to improve. It’s also a place to interact and socialise with others in your gym by viewing leaderboards, sending High 5s to other members, commenting on scores and much more.

Can I transfer my account to a new gym?

Absolutely - if your new box/gym also uses BoxMate. To transfer your account, send an email from your BoxMate registered email address to support@boxmateapp.co.uk. Let us know where you are moving from and to and then just leave the rest to us. We will transfer your account and all your logged data so you don’t lose anything.

Can I be a member of multiple gyms?

Unfortunately not just yet - however, this is something we are working on right now - make sure to follow our social media @boxmateapp for updates!

Why can't I book classes through TeamUp?

When you registered for BoxMate the app tried to make a connection to your TeamUp account using your name or email address. In some cases this may not be successful and your account needs manually connecting. Take a look at this support article for more help.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes you can! In ‘app preferences’ in the settings icon top at the right of the home screen you can select what you’d like to be notified about.

Can I build my own workouts in BoxMate?

Yes, BoxMate lets you build your own sessions and workouts so you can record them. Just head to the timetable and tap the person icon in the top left. From here you can build your own session with custom workouts. Alternatively from the library tab you can select personal and build something quickly to log a score against.Check out our Member Handbook for full details.

My gym doesn't use BoxMate, can I still get the app?

Currently, we don't support single users on the app. However, bear with us as this is something that we are working on. Why not let your new coach know about BoxMate and we can do our best to get in your new gym too!

How do you use BoxMate?

Check out our Member Handbook for help and guidance with different features in the app!

What is BoxMate?

BoxMate is a leading programming and performance tracking app. As a coach it allows you to keep your members engaged, motivated and on top of their training. You can input all programming quickly and easily for your members to view in the timetable, analyse member statistics, send push notifications to members, display programming with BoxMate Live and so much more. Start your free trial here. To chat to one of the team get in touch on 0161 327 0366.

Can I freeze a members account?

Yes you can! On a members profile just hit ‘actions’ then you can suspend the member. When you suspend a member they will have their access to the app temporarily removed and you won’t be charged for their account in that billing period.

Can I customise the images in BoxMate?

You certainly can. You can upload images for workouts and exercises and embed videos from Youtube & Vimeo too. This lets you really customise your members' BoxMate experience. See how here.

Can I add a second programme?

Yes absolutely. Check out our video 'Adding a second programme here You can even create a private programme only visible by certain members. For more help with programming, head to the Learn section and search for programming to view all videos.

Can I hide our programming with BoxMate?

If you’re worried about members being 'cherry pickers' we have you covered. With BoxMate you can choose to keep sessions hidden until the morning, the night before or completely until a set time in the evening. If you have TeamUp in your gym we can also make it so that programming automatically becomes visible only after they’ve attended the session.