With your very own competition management platform inside BoxMate you no longer have to buy in additional support to host your in house competitions or online throwdowns throughout the year. You can run as many competitions as you'd like, either live at the box or online spread across days/weeks/months - all without the hassle. You can automate tedious admin tasks, trust in score recording and live leaderboards, and execute your competition easily.

Run your own seamless in house competitions without outside providers and keep everything in one app. See the full tutorial here.

CrossFit Competitions Software

Dial Up the Fun, Dial Down The Hassle

Hosting a live throwdown at the weekend?

With BoxMate PLUS you can do it all in one place. Build a Live Comp and quickly enter scores for your members post-workout and instantly display live leaderboards on the big screen at the box. Notify athletes when the scores are in and the updated leaderboards are live to keep spectators and athletes in the know.

Running a competition or league online?

Set up an Online Competition and members can register and select their category in the app, enter their own scores and attach videos (if required for score review) keeping everything in one place for you. Easily monitor your leaderboards and approve incoming scores with the live in-app leaderboards throughout the competition and keep people up to date with notifications without any fuss.

Want your own CrossFit Open leaderboard for the members?

No problem - create your custom categories and simply update the competition each week with the latest workout to update the overall leaderboards. Divide your members into Squads for another level of fun too! 💪🏼


Build Your Competition

Create a new competition and let your members register. Once the competition is live, you can display workouts and keep an eye on leaderboards too.

Choose the Comp type Individual or Team, decide whether this is an online or Live comp (will members enter their own scores online, or will a coach input scores on the day?), and configure all settings to suit your setup. For example, you can have scores auto-approved or judge approved only. You can then add categories for your comp, e.g Male RX, Female RX, Male Scaled, Masters etc.

Build Workouts

Build Your Comp Workouts With Ease

You already know how to build new workouts with BoxMate, so building workouts for your competition will be a breeze. Use the familiar workout builder to create totally new workouts for your comp, or, dip into the extensive library to add in a workout or exercise that already exists.

This is ideal for the CrossFit open as all open workouts will already be in the library so you can just tap to add them in to your own box competition.

You can set a 'workout deadline' to let members know when you will stop accepting scores for the competition and members can easily keep an eye on their spot in the leaderboard too.

Add a release date & time to keep the workout hidden until it's time for members to see it and log scores. This lets you build the workout once and then sit back and watch it run smoothly 😎


Healthy Competition

Overall leaderboards work on a points based algorithm. For each workout you'll be able to: see the scores listed in an individual leaderboard with positions, add a score manually, update/remove a score and more features are in the pipeline!

Keep competitors engaged with leaderboard updates, workout teasers, deadline reminders and more with update notifications. Click Nudge Competitors to send a custom notification to all registered competitors to keep them in the know.


Make It Fun For Members

Competitions should be fun and there's nothing like being able to keep an eye on a leaderboard to spice up the competition. For your members they will easily be able to find the competition and view all workouts, leaderboards and more under the programming tab then 'In House Competitions' in their app.

Members will have a clear view of the workout details and any videos you attached when building the workout for movement standards etc.

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