Far apart but closer than ever.
We’re dedicated to helping gyms combat the unique challenges posed by Coronavirus.

Please find resources to help you while running your box remotely. We are constantly developing new features to support our gyms and help you keep in touch with your members while your gym is closed. If you have an idea for a feature that could help then please let us know!

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Primary Programme

Let Members find Home WODs easily

Help your members access Home Programming easily by setting home workouts as the primary programme. This will make sure that the home programme shows up first for members in their timetable.

See how by watching the tutorial here.

Zoom Integration

Zoom Session Links In The Members' App

Far apart but closer than ever. Let your members join your scheduled Zoom video sessions from inside the app when they book onto the classes to make their booking experience easier.

BoxMate PLUS

BoxMate PLUS Free Trial

BoxMate PLUS will allow you to run remote competitions throughout lockdown, PT individual members who need that little extra support when they are on their own at home and communicate seamlessly with your team while you can't physically be together.

To find out more about what you can expect from PLUS watch our video here. You can start a completely FREE month long trial at any time.

Streamline remote communications

Communicate & Engage With BoxMate

View our 'Boost Communication' Blog to see features you should be using right now. While you’re not physically able to see your members face to face, make the most of these tools to help you communicate with your members and keep them engaged.