Our Core Values are hugely important to us.

Community & Simplicity

Keeping CrossFit workout tracking simple was always the goal and this is something we strongly believe in. We put our members first and so if there’s something you’d love to see added or improved, we want to know about it. We’ve all heard the joke ‘How will you know if someone does Crossfit? Don’t worry they’ll tell you’. Well, yeah! That’s just because we’re a passionate bunch! We are proud of our achievements and sharing our training. BoxMate helps members motivate others to keep going and have fun while making real progress.

Integrity & Innovation

Here at BoxMate staying true to ourselves and the reason we started is at the heart of everything we do. We are always open and honest with you and we promise to stay focused on what really matters - helping to make training fun and facilitating progress. As the saying goes: ‘Without innovation we cannot advance’. We’re excited by innovation and new ideas and are constantly working on ways to adapt and improve our app for CrossFit. With us, you can expect to be staying ahead of the game and giving your members fun new features to enhance their experience!

Meet the brains behind BoxMate – Owner, developer & CrossFit fanatic Danny Redfern

Since our humble beginnings in 2015, I am proud to say we have now grown to share our platform with boxes around the UK and as far as Vietnam and New Zealand.

I am a huge lover of CrossFit and can’t go a day without training. I know myself the importance of tracking my workouts and the buzz I get from improving on my performance, and that’s why I am so passionate about what we have here at BoxMate. For me, training has always been about the fun, the challenge and the genuine rush you get from testing your body’s physical limits. I wanted to create a system that encapsulates that concept. BoxMate makes tracking simple and accountable but also a shared experience that’s loads of fun too.

We are a small, UK based team here at BoxMate HQ and our ultimate goal has always been to enhance peoples’ training experience. Customer support has always been a number one priority for me. I’m so proud of the feedback we have from the gyms we work with on our willingness to shape our platform, take new ideas on board and respond quickly to questions. We are quite literally at the other end of the phone whenever you need us if you have an enquiry or an issue. We are always looking to improve our service and we get genuinely excited about new ideas for how you’d like to see the app working for your gym – so if you ever have an idea, hit us up!

We proud to work with over 20,000 people training in CrossFit and other Functional Fitness gyms in the UK, Europe, Vietnam, New Zealand and beyond. We're always on the other end of the phone and are happy to help you explore what BoxMate could add to your gym experience.

A Little BoxMate History

We have come a long way since the little workout tracking platform we built to get a free CrossFit membership at a local box and could not have done it without the support of all our gyms and members so, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

  1. An Idea Is Formed

    In exchange for free membership at CrossFit Buxton, Danny builds a platform for members to book classes and log their scores to do away with the need for pens and paper.

  2. BoxMate Is Born

    BoxMate is born. We brand as BoxMate and the first paying customer comes on-board - a huge moment for us!

  3. Introducing TeamUp

    We find that a lot of gyms are using TeamUp. We look into the system & realise it works very well with ours. We start to integrate with this platform and an all-in-one solution for booking and tracking comes together.

  4. 800 High Fives!

    We celebrate 850 high-fives on Instagram (we know, we know... it might sound small – but trust us it was HUGE for us back then!)

  5. We Land On The Big Screen

    BoxMate comes to the big screen. We develop BoxMate Live and find a way for our coaches to display BoxMate on the screen for members to improve their training experience.


    450, 000 records tracked, 1 million high 5s sent. We have 7600 members and 60 gyms in the UK.

  7. We go Global!

    We now serve gym owners as far as New Zealand, Vietnam and beyond who are all loving tracking their progress with BoxMate.

  8. Watch this space

    We have so much more in the pipeline and we are excited to keep improving our product for you!