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One of the best decisions we made setting up ‘The Project’. Keeps everything running smooth for us and our members love it.

CrossFit Whitchurch

See what happened when we caught up with David Wilson owner and coach and CrossFit Whitchurch. David implemented BoxMate in the gym around a year ago.


We visited Fit:Missions to meet head coach Stu and see how himself and members have been getting on using BoxMate a year after getting setup.

David Wilson

Owner of CrossFit Whitchurch

"I started CrossFit Whitchurch in July 2017 and canvassed a number of Boxes to establish which company they used for programming and tracking performance, BoxMate came out on top. I met with Danny who quickly got me up and running with how the platform works and showed me how it integrated with TeamUp.

I rolled it out to my members in August and they absolutely love it and the high fives were flying around in no time. My members frequently tell me they are hooked on BoxMate and it is the first thing they look at after turning the alarm off in the morning. They love the high fives, they love the 1RM percentage chart which saves them a tonne of time to get on with the lift rather than working out what 75% of 115kg is and they love seeing how members at other classes are getting on.

Personally I love BoxMate, it gives me everything I need to programme the workouts, monitor athlete progression and class attendance, I would recommend it to any other Boxes."

Elliot Turner

Owner of The Project

"One of the best decisions we made setting up ‘The Project’. Keeps everything running smooth for us and our members love it. Exceptional customer service and support from setup to everyday activity! Seamless integration with TeamUp for all things class booking."

Ben Jakeman

Owner of CrossFit Ulysess

"BoxMate has been a big change for us, we were previously using beyond the whiteboard but it became annoying when we had movements that weren’t in their database and had no integration to our management system. Boxmate It’s easy to program on and become proficient with great support from the team. From the customers they love seeing the workouts ahead of time, like the simplicity and love being able to book classes through the team up integration . We’ve only used for a month and there have been several updates and improvements already. Great to see"

Craig Williamson

Owner of CW1 CrossFit

"CW1 CrossFit was in great need of a way to record and monitor members performance and luckily we were introduced to Danny at BoxMate. BoxMate has only been up and running at CW1 a couple of weeks and our members are loving it, so user friendly, easy to navigate and enter information. Members can set goals, monitor their performance, enter daily scores and even book onto their WODs with the TeamUp integration"

Lukasz Majewski

Owner of MaxOn CrossFit

"We had used one of the leading systems before at CrossFit Maxon and felt it wasn't the best but the only option at the time. We looked for a better alternative for a long time then one beautiful day we learned about BoxMate and never looked back since. It's cool & easy to operate thanks to it's clear & intuitive interface. BoxMate incorporates all the features a modern athlete requires. Highly recommended for any box and athlete!"

Sam Touil

Owner of CrossFit OL1

"We have been using Boxmate at OL1 now for 2 months, Danny and his team have been fantastic helping us transition from our old skool whiteboard method to the new interactive software. It's a fantastic app that's really easy to use and has really added value to our service. We love working with Boxmate as they are quick to respond to suggestions and constantly looking for ways to develop the app further"

Richard Hornsey

Owner of CrossFit Boudicca

"I looked into a few systems for tracking workouts and progress. Some, in my eyes, are over complicated for your standard box member. BoxMate, however, is extremely easy to use, easy on the eyes and really easy to see progress - thanks to the progress chart. The team are quick to act on any feedback or technical issues meaning it runs smoothly (it has already been adapted slightly to suit my requirements). I can't recommend this software enough to other box owners to help members measure their progress along their CrossFit journey."

Adam Walker

Owner of CrossFit Buxton

"BoxMate is a superb platform that has drastically increased member interaction at CrossFit Buxton. A simple, easy-to-use interface has improved members interest in personal performance and health, resulting in individual member activity levels to increase which has offered a valuable return in member retention. Quick to input programming, update timetables, check class bookings and review members motivation levels has proven that such a tool is no longer a nonentity, but a necessity for all boxes, big, small, old or new."

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